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HOLES Infrastructure Solutions - the number one asphalt paving contractor in the New Jersey - New York Metropolitan Area

Northeast New Jersey’s #1 Asphalt Paving Contractor

HOLES Infrastructure Solutions is an asphalt paving contractor that provides experienced, expert services for homeowners and commercial properties in Bergen, Passaic, Essex and Hudson Counties. From minor pothole repairs in your driveway to complex paving projects for shopping centers and municipalities, HOLES is uniquely equipped for asphalt repair and installation jobs large and small.
With state of the art equipment, highly trained technicians, and over 30 years of professional experience in the Northeast New Jersey area, our hot and infrared asphalt services are second to none.

Not a Patch — It’s Just Like New!

Infrared Asphalt Repair is a process in which asphalt is heated and sprayed with a rejuvenator through the use of infrared technology. Seamless infrared repairs replace conventional repair methods, using the most innovative developments in the asphalt  industry. The final product is NOT a patch. Instead, infrared repairs are thermally bonded to the surrounding asphalt to create a seamless repair that blends beautifully and structurally.

Fast and Efficient Infrared Asphalt Repair NJ

The area is first cleaned to remove all debris. The surface area is then heated to 325 degrees for duration of 5-10 minutes based on factors including season, depth and existing aggregate (typically between 1-3 inches). The area is raked after heat has been applied to clear out failed aggregate. A rejuvenator is applied to replenish lost oils due to oxidation. Fresh material is placed over the area in order to attain the proper level and is then compressed with a multi-ton vibrator or plate to create a smooth finish.

Upgraded Infrared Asphalt Repair Technology Makes Short Work of Winter Potholes
” … infrared asphalt repair technology is making short work of winter potholes, as cash-strapped contractors, businesses, and municipalities are achieving seamless cold-weather asphalt repair in less than 20 minutes at a fraction of traditional remove and replace cost …”
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Infrared Pothole Repair NJ

HOLES Solutions Pothole Repair Services
By having state of the art equipment to transport as well as manufacture asphalt on site, anywhere, anytime, HOLES Solutions provide services that others can’t match. We have trucks and crews all over the area at any time to respond to one pothole or provide you with a complete work plan.

  • Pothole Repair
  • Parking lot, driveway and road rehabilitation
  • Catch basin, manhole repairs and upgrades
  • Infrared asphalt repairs


See HOLES Solutions owner Steve Rich featured on CBS-TV national news above regarding Infrared Asphalt Repair NJ

Milling and Grinding

HOLES Solutions milling and grinding
HOLES will come out and mill any size excavation that you have in a roadway or parking lot. The benefit is your trench is now opened up with a clean, sharp edge and in most cases, will eliminate the need to saw cut after you have finished your project. Find out more by calling your HOLES representative now!!

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We always get notified about a dangerous situations in our walking or driving areas. There is nothing better than calling HOLES and have them take care of the problem immediately, at almost the same square foot cost as getting my entire property redone.
— Pete Muller
M&M Realty
HOLES Infrastructure Solutions
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