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24/7/365 Asphalt Storage and Delivery

HOLES Infrastructure Solutions has the unique ability to store over 50 tons of asphalt in our Clifton, New Jersey yard.We can keep asphalt at the same temperature as it came out of the asphalt plant for 72 hours, basically all night or all weekend.

We have a 30 ton stationary hotbox and as of this printing, 5 hotboxes with the ability to deliver asphalt to your job site!

Our 30-ton Hot Box

Our hot box has hydraulic doors and roof. It allows a tri-axle dump truck to enter and dump a full load of hot asphalt. When the doors close, the unit is turned on, and will keep the asphalt at plant temperatures until you are ready. We offer many options and can create your own for any unique circumstances.

    How do we arrange the storage?

  • We can pickup asphalt from any local plant with any specified mix designs.
  • We or you can arrange for delivery from the Plant.
  • You can pickup and deliver the asphalt needed for your project.

    How you get the product?

  • We can meet you at our yard when you are ready, 24/7. Mid-week nights or anytime on the weekend, we will load your truck with the materials needed.
  • We can set up delivery with our trucks to your site.
  • It can be in bulk or smaller batches in our smaller hot boxes.
  • For utility and or any contractors, we can set up to deliver and install for you, leaving the excavating and utility work to your crews.

Did we forget something? Tell us what you need, how you want to do it and we work together as a team.


We always get notified about a dangerous situations in our walking or driving areas. There is nothing better than calling HOLES and have them take care of the problem immediately, at almost the same square foot cost as getting my entire property redone.
— Pete Muller
M&M Realty
HOLES Infrastructure Solutions
222 Delawanna Avenue
Clifton, NJ 070014
Phone: (973) 458-1188