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How Proactive Maintenance Improves ROI for Asphalt Pavements

Asphalt paving crew at work

There are several reasons that property managers in the Northeast prefer asphalt pavements over concrete and gravel. It looks better, stands up better to cold winters, and costs less to install. Even so, failure to keep up with proactive maintenance could cost you your investment in an asphalt driveway or parking lot. Here’s why you should never put off maintenance work.

Attract Better Tenants

The purpose of improving the property is to retain good tenants and attract better ones. First impressions play a significant role in this. Cracked asphalt or potholes can cause premium clientele to look elsewhere. Keeping up with maintenance presents your property as the high-value locations they need.

Enhances Lifespan

Asphalt paving sometimes lasts for just 15 to 20 years. When properly maintained, it can last for 25. The two most important tasks are resealing every three to five years and filling cracks as they appear. Property managers can then keep their asphalt pavement looking better for longer while delaying the need to spend money on repaving.

Better Resale Value

Many property managers work for developers in the business of buying, flipping, and reselling. These developers purchase property, improve them, fill all vacancies, and then sell the building to another developer at a profit. Just as when showing a home, the appearance of the property can help sellers to command a better price than they otherwise would have.

Prioritize Safety

There’s nothing quite like a premise liability case to drain a company’s funds. Potholes and cracks in the concrete are accidents waiting to happen. People may trip and fall and cars may strike pedestrians or other vehicles when trying to dodge potholes. The blame could end up on your desk and you could lose money in the process.
Keeping up with maintenance on any asset is essential to prolonging longevity, increasing value, and minimizing risks. This is true whether that asset is a road or a car. Contact Holes Infrastructure Solutions to schedule your asphalt maintenance. Call 973-221-4369 or email us today!

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