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Benefits of Asphalt Pothole Repair

HOLES Solutions Residential Concrete Services
Asphalt can be a stunning and durable parking lot or driveway solution. However, what happens when potholes develop? Potholes need to be taken care of right away to keep your asphalt looking and performing at its best. Without maintenance, not only will the asphalt need to be replaced, but you can seriously damage vehicles. Here is what you need to know about the importance of pothole repair.

Asphalt Maintenance

Without asphalt maintenance, you are more likely to develop extensive problems. Preventative maintenance addresses minor issues that have simple and quick solutions. This might include sealing cracks or delaying the formation of potholes. The point of maintenance is to ensure that the asphalt job lasts a long time. Additionally, it will keep water intrusion from happening, which can destroy asphalt.

Pothole Patching

Some potholes do not need extensive repair work. When you patch a pothole, it will keep the pothole from deteriorating further. If you patch it quickly, then water will not make its way under the pavement. Once you have water under your pavement, it can lead to more damage. The patching methods you may be familiar with are surface patching, deep patching, quick patching, spray injection patching, cold weather emergency patching, and infrared patching.

Pothole Repair

If you need extensive pothole repair, the solution involves compaction of the area, then you must fill the hole to ensure that it can withstand vehicles every day. Like any other work done on your asphalt, pothole repair ensures that your asphalt will last longer. Repairing potholes before they grow bigger and more hazardous is a good way to prevent further damage.
When you have an asphalt parking lot or driveway, it is crucial that you take care of it. Asphalt should last a long time; however, it cannot last as long if you do not pay close attention to maintenance. For more information on maintaining your asphalt, contact Holes Infrastructure Solutions by calling 973-221-4369 or emailing us today!

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