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Concrete Sidewalk Repair Leonia NJ

The Borough of Leonia NJ REQUIRES all homeowners to fix their sidewalks! See below.

Chapter 274 Section 4 (ecode360.com)

“Maintenance. The owner or occupant of premises abutting any bluestone or concrete sidewalk shall maintain such sidewalk at all times in good and passable condition at a grade which will prevent water accumulating thereon and shall replace any flagstones which become broken and shall maintain the flagstones so that the joints thereof are even. The surface of all concrete sidewalks shall be kept properly roughened so as not to become smooth and slippery.”

Sidewalk repair and maintenance in the State of New Jersey is the obligation of the abutting home owner. Plenty of property proprietors are not aware of this ordinance and they assume that their city or state is liable for repairing defective sidewalks. In many cases, the home proprietor will employ contractors to make the repair or their city will employ the work but will assign the property proprietor for 100% of the repair cost. In 2012, the borough of Highland Park in New Jersey launched a program that demanded estate owners to fix defective sidewalks adjacent to their homes. Your city or borough can be next!

A lawsuit waiting to happen…

Estate proprietors in Leonia are accountable for maintaining the sidewalks adjacent to their property. When they fail to adequately care for their sidewalks, they become responsible for the injuries that pedestrians experience. These pedestrians that hurt themselves by cause of your damaged sidewalk have the legal right to sue you since you are the estate owner. There are also plenty of lawyers that love to follow through with these types of premise liability cases, which will amount to a lot of money in the long run. Many home owners in the State of New Jersey have been taken to court because of their neglect or the lack of understanding in regards to sidewalks and liability.

Your city or borough can also send you a notice demanding that you re-construct your sidewalk. Failure to conform within a specific time frame will result in fines and penalties. Spare yourself a lawsuit and fines by hiring a sidewalk repair company today!

Types of Sidewalk Defects

There are many types of defective sidewalks that can prove dangerous for Leonia pedestrians.

  • Tree roots: When sidewalks go too long without repair, tree roots may cause them to become uneven.
  • Collapsed sidewalks: Severely damaged sidewalks may have large parts caved in or separated from the rest of the walkway. This type of a situation certainly poses a serious fall hazard.
  • Trip hazards: It is easy to trip and fall on large cracks that cut across poorly maintained sidewalks.
  • Improper slope: Uneven sidewalks may have large portions that do not line up with the rest of the walkway.
  • Patchwork: In an effort to save money on repairs, it is common to see inadequate patchwork jobs on specific locations that make the sidewalk surface uneven.
  • Missing cobblestones and bricks: It is necessary to properly maintain walkways that are not made from concrete to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

Leonia NJ Sidewalk Repair Contractors

Employing a sidewalk contractor to repair your damaged sidewalk is the best way to avert any lawsuits or fines from your city. HOLESSolutions, a Clifton based infrastructure repair company, specializes in sidewalk repair. With numerous crews working throughout Northern New Jersey, HOLESSolutions is capable of repairing your sidewalk within a few hours which will reduce liability and refine the look of your property’s aesthetics immensely. Just one call to HOLESSolutions will end the daily gamble you’re taking. Available 24 hours a day/7 days a week, you can dial 973-779-4653 to get your sidewalk repaired professionally!



We always get notified about a dangerous situations in our walking or driving areas. There is nothing better than calling HOLES and have them take care of the problem immediately, at almost the same square foot cost as getting my entire property redone.
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